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What hotels offer all inclusive day passes in montego bay jamaica not on a cruise

How much is a day pass at Sandals Montego Bay?

Sandals Montego Bay What's Included: Three types of passes are available: 10 a
to 6 p
for $90, 6 p
to 2 a
for $105 and 10 a
to 2 a
(full-day pass) for $195.

Does Riu offer day passes?

YES, the Hotel Riu offers a day pass to the public and to call the hotels direct number for the price.

What does a day pass include?

Quite simply, a 'Day Pass' is your ticket to spend a day at a luxury hotel, enjoying all the facilities like the spa, sauna & swimming pool that are usually only available to guests.

How much is a day pass at Riu Negril?

Negril: Passes to Negril All Inclusive Resorts

How much is a taxi from Montego Bay to Negril?

The quickest way to get from Montego Bay to Negril is to taxi which costs $110 – $140 and takes 1h 15m.

What is the difference between Riu Negril and Riu Tropical Palace?

If you stay at the Riu Tropical Palace you can use all facilities at Hotel Riu Negril, but not the other way around. Hotel Riu is family-friendly and has a children's pool whereas Riu Tropical Palace is more suited for couples. If you're planning a honeymoon in Jamaica we would suggest Riu Tropical Palace.

Which is better Riu Negril or Riu Montego Bay?

Both properties are rated highly by expert writers. On balance, Hotel Riu Montego Bay scores marginally higher than Hotel Riu Negril. Hotel Riu Montego Bay is ranked #37 in Jamaica with praise from 5 sources like Lonely Planet, Oyster and Fodor's.

Which is better Riu Negril or Riu Ocho Rios?

Both Hotel Riu Ocho Rios and Hotel Riu Negril are praised by professional reviewers. On balance, Hotel Riu Ocho Rios ranks marginally higher than Hotel Riu Negril. Hotel Riu Ocho Rios comes in at #41 in Jamaica with endorsements from 4 reviewers like Star Service, Oyster and Frommer's.

Can you walk to 7 mile beach from Royalton Negril?

From the Hideaway at Royalton Negril you need to first walk off the beach to the Royalton Negril section from where you can walk the 2 miles to the other end of the Bloody Bay section of 7 Mile Beach. over a year ago.

What is the difference between Royalton and hideaway?

The Hideaway is the adults only section of the larger resort The Royalton. It has an additional restaurant, pool, pool bar and beach bar. Butler and additional VIP treatment is called Diamond Club.

What is the difference between Royalton and Hideaway Negril?

Both the Royalton Negril and the Hideaway are on the same property, but are separate resorts – the Hideaway is the adult-only side of the property. Today, I'll be giving you my tips, tricks, and suggestions for when you decide to take a vacation to Negril, Jamaica.

What is the difference between Couples Negril and Couples Swept Away?

Couples Negril has one large pool with a large swim-up pool bar area. Couples Swept Away a much smaller swim up bar a second pool that is nice and quiet. We consider the pools and the gardens at both to be a tie. Both are great for all-inclusive Jamaica honeymoons and all-inclusive Caribbean destination weddings.

What is a couples only resort?

A couples resort offers a full range of amenities and activities for adults only, usually centered on one major attraction or theme. The resort might offer special honeymoon packages or cater to couples who want to reconnect and spice up their relationship.

What does 24 hour all inclusive mean?

24 hour all inclusive means you can eat and drink whatever during the hours the buffets, restaurants, and bars are open.

Do you tip at Couples Swept Away?

Is tipping allowed at the resort? Couples Resorts has a NO tipping policy because we believe that this is essential to a carefree, all-inclusive resort experience. This is one of our core policies and we do our best to control this at all four Couples resorts.

How far is Couples Negril from airport?

How far is Couples Negril from the airport? Couples Negril is 2.3 miles from Negril. Couples Negril is 29.8 miles from Montego Bay Sangster Intl.

Are Couples Resorts only for couples?

Couples Resorts accommodates adults only, couples only, and guests must be 18 years of age or older to book and stay at any of our resorts.

How far is Couples Tower Isle from airport?

Situated about 65 miles southeast of Sangster International Airport and approximately 5 miles away from Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Couples Tower Isle offers romantic activities and amenities for passionate pairs.

Is Couples Tower Isle clothing optional?

Couples Tower Isle, Jamaica If you want to bare all at this 226-room St Mary all-inclusive resort (Jamaica's first), hop a boat shuttle over to its eponymous offshore islet just 100 yards away, where nudity isn't just optional, it's compulsory.

How do you buy Club Mobay?

How to book Club Mobay? The Club Mobay VIP experience can be booked via the Island Routes Sales & Service Center at 1-877-768-8370. You can make this reservation online, after which you'll receive email confirmation. Your confirmation email includes a Club Mobay voucher that you'll receive in PDF format.

Is Club Mobay worth it in Jamaica?

Since Sangster is Jamaica's busiest airport, it can be hectic. Club Mobay helps travelers navigate it faster and more easily than they could on their own. This is especially valuable for first-time visitors to Jamaica or people who travel to Jamaica regularly.

What is the fastest way to get through customs in Jamaica?

There is an expedited express service both arrival and departure through Montego Bay Airport, which provides a fast lane through immigration and customs along with access to VIP lounges. This can be booked on the Amstar website or with your Amstar representative in resort.

How long does Jamaica customs take?

Unless you have something to declare, customs will take 5 min. or less. Most of the time is taken in immigration, not customs. The longest that I have ever heard it taking to go thru immigration, bag claim, and customs combined is just over 3 hr.

Do I have to declare prescription medication in Jamaica?

This is in keeping with new rules established by the "Transportation Security Administration (TSA)". Medication and other Dietary Requirements: Passengers are to declare their medication and special supplies at the security screening checkpoint.

Will my US cell phone work in Jamaica?

Yes, you can! Staying connected in this hi-tech era has become easier and simultaneous, and cellphone usage the epitome.

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