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Where to fly into maui

Kahului Airport is the primary airport on the island of Maui and receives both overseas and interisland flights. On Maui you'll find beautiful beaches, exciting water sports, Haleakala Crater, the old whaling town of Lahaina, blue skies, great dining and the Aloha spirit.

Which airport in Maui should I fly into?

Maui Kahului Airport

Is it cheaper to fly to Honolulu or Maui?

Inouye International Airport (HNL), Hawaii's capital, or at Kahului Airport (OGG), on Maui. This is because it's the cheapest to fly to and from the busiest airports in a region, and both HNL and OGG are accessible to the most popular vacation destinations in Hawaii.

How far is Maui from Oahu by car?

Distance between Oahu and Maui is 186 KM / 115.9 miles.

How far is Waikiki from Maui?

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Is Maui cheaper than Kauai?

When we compare the travel costs of actual travelers between Kauai and Maui, we can see that Maui is more expensive. And not only is Kauai much less expensive, but it is actually a significantly cheaper destination. So, traveling to Kauai would let you spend less money overall.

Which Hawaiian island is least crowded?


What island is in Moana?

Island Motunui

Are beaches in Hawaii fake?

Most visitors may not know it, but Waikiki Beach is almost entirely man-made. It has had erosion problems since the late-1800s when developers began erecting hotels and homes too close to the natural shoreline and building seawalls and other structures that blocked the natural ebb and flow of sand along the beach.

Why does Waikiki Beach have walls?

There are also walls separating the shallow waters from the bigger surf. The wall not only physically divided the waters, but separated the big kids from the little kids. Passing through the divide was like swimming to the deep end of the pool. It was a rite of passage for many townies.

Does Hawaii have white sand beaches?

Hapuna Beach, Hawaii The Big Island has several impressive white-sand beaches — Hapuna, a half-mile stretch located on the Kona-Kohala Coast, is one of them.

Is Waikiki Beach disappearing?

Inevitably, the seas will rise too far, and the costs will grow too high. “In Waikiki, without beach nourishment, we would expect the beach to completely disappear in 20 to 30 years,” says Eversole. That would be devastating for an economy that depends on tourism — visitors spent $17.75 billion statewide in 2019.

How long until Hawaii is underwater?

Research published by the state of Hawaii suggests that by 2030, we can expect 3.2 feet of inundation.

Is Hawaii sinking into the ocean?

The islands don't last forever. As the Pacific plate moves Hawaii's volcanoes farther from the hotspot, they erupt less frequently, then no longer tap into the upwelling of molten rock and die. The island erodes and the crust beneath it cools, shrinks and sinks, and the island is again submerged.

Is there sharks in Waikiki Beach?

Although there are sharks that frequent the shallow coastal waters of Waikiki Beach, this area of Hawaii is extremely safe in relation to shark attacks compared to other Hawaii beaches and islands. Shark sightings do occur in Waikiki, but shark attacks in this area are almost nonexistent.

Are sharks attracted to human urine?

No reaction. From a scientific standpoint, Esbaugh says that it's “definitely not true” that sharks are attracted to urine, and he assumes the rumor got started because many animals use scent to track their prey. But he says this doesn't hold up because humans aren't the most common meal for sharks.

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