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What to do in hana maui

What is Hana known for?

Hana Bay is a well-known beach on the island of Maui that offers beautiful ocean views that are protected from the often intense winds and elements. Hana Bay is located on the eastern side of the island, where black sand meets the blue water.

What is so great about Hana?

Lush vegetation, roadside waterfalls, hidden pools, deep gorges, stunning ocean views, and a narrow winding road that's become one of the most famous drives in the world. “The Road to Hana.”Oct 8, 2021

Which waterfalls can you swim Road to Hana?

Located near mile marker 12 on the Road to Hana, Upper Puohokamoa Falls is a real gem worth a stop. The falls are just two minutes from the road, so you can take a break from your road trip and go for a nice swim.

Are there beaches on the Road to Hana?

See more about this Road to Hana beach: Pailoa Bay overlook. Waianapanapa black sand beach lava tube. Waianapanapa Coastal Trail. Black sand beaches in Maui.

What time should you do Road to Hana?

It's best to be on the road, leaving your resort by at least 7:30 am. If you start late, the Road to Hana can be crowded with other drivers. That can mean that you might find yourself crawling along behind slower drivers at time.

Can you drive around Maui past Hana?

By far the majority of people turn around once they reach Hana and drive the same road back to Paia. An out and back drive if you will. Quite a few people continue on past Hana to the Kipahulu District of Haleakala National Park where you'll find the Oheo Gulch (aka Seven Sacred Pools) and the Pipiwai Trailhead.

How long does it take to drive the Hana Hwy?

Two days in total. We're considering the fact that most visitors are highly interested in photographing the sights they see. We're assuming you're not spending the night in Hana town (most visitors don't). You'll be driving yourself and exploring on your own.

What is the backside of Hana?

The back side of the road to Hana is an unauthorized section of road. Most of the major rental car companies specify certain roads and sections of roads as “unauthorized roads”.

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