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Don’t swim at Queens Bath on Kauai: Here’s why

Swimming at beaches with lifeguards present can be the difference between life or death for some people.

The ocean can be a very dangerous place especially if you are not an experienced swimmer.

Many Hawaii beaches are surrounded by sharp lava rocks that can cause serious damage to your body if you slip or fall on them.

Kauai Fire Department released an informative video showing how quickly the ocean can change.

KFD said conditions can change and that’s when people get seriously injured, or in some cases drown.

Queens Bath is a popular tourist spot to view the beauty of lava rocks on Kauai. KFD asks visitors to view this beauty and not get into it.

As seen in the video if you get stuck at Queens Bath you could get knocked against the sharp lava rock.

  • Don’t swim at Queens Bath on Kauai: Here’s why

Even if you go to a beach with a lifeguard present you should be aware of the current ocean conditions.

Lifeguards encourage you to walk up to them and ask about current conditions like the current, shore break, if jellyfish have been spotted and more.

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