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What is the Hawaiian word for flower?


What is the Hawaiian word for flower?


What is the Hawaiian word for pretty?


What are Hawaiian flowers called?

On top of just being a beautiful tropical flower, Plumeria are known in the Hawaiian islands for their use in lei making. Plumeria leis are treasured not just because of their incredible beauty and soft foamy petals, but also for their heavenly sweet fragrance.

What is the Hawaiian word for Rose?


What is heavenly flower in Hawaiian?

Leilani (LAY-la-knee) is a traditional Hawaiian name meaning “heavenly flower.”Sep 25, 2021

What does Lola mean in Hawaiian?


What do Hawaiians call plumeria?

Common names include frangipani, temple tree and melia in ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi (Hawaiian language). The plant was brought to the Islands by Dr. William Hillebrand, a German biologist, in 1860—and it thrived in Hawaiʻi's warm climate and volcanic soil.

What is the Hawaiian name for blessing?


What is the Hawaiian word for love?


What is the Hawaiian name for Sky?

Kailani. Fun Fact: Kai means sea, and lani means heaven or sky.

What does Moana mean in Hawaiian?

Ocean, open sea, lake

What is the Hawaiian word for moon?


What is the most beautiful flower in Hawaii?

The Top 10 Most Beautiful Hawaiian Flowers

What flower grows only in Hawaii?

You might have heard of gardenia because it is a common species found throughout America, but the Hawaiian Gardenia is endemic to Hawaii. It is part of the coffee family, Rubiaceae. The flowers are born on a small tree that reaches up to 16 feet tall.

What is the Hawaiian name for precious?

Hawaiian Girl Names Alamea: It's a very sweet baby girl name that means “precious, whole” in Hawaiian.

What is the Hawaiian word for sweet?

Momona, mona, kuhikuhi, mōkuhikuhi; hone, nahenahe, polinahe (as music); lauaʻe, henoheno (as a lover); onaona (as eyes or disposition); ʻaʻala, hone, ʻala, nae, anuhea, onaona (as fragrance).

What's the Hawaiian flower necklace called?


What is Maui's flower?


What is the Hawaiian word for honey?

The Hawaiian word for honey, or honey bee is "meli", Moloka'i Meli is a family owned company producing honey here on Moloka'i.

What is the Hawaiian word for sweetheart?

E huli iā “sweetheart” ma Ulukau. Search for “sweetheart” on Ulukau.

What are the white Hawaiian flowers called?

Plumeria – One of the most delightfully scented flowers on Kauai, Plumeria can be found in white, pink, red and yellow. Commercially grown in Hawaii for lei production, these flowers are the perfect accessories for a decorative welcome home lei or simply worn behind your ear.

What does Pono mean Hawaiian?


What is the most popular Hawaiian flower?

Hawaii's most famous flower, the plumeria is known for its intoxicating scent and use in lei making. Its blooms come in a range of colors, from lily white to yellow, pale pink and deep red. Visitors and locals arriving to the islands are often welcomed with a plumeria flower lei at the airport.

What is the purple Hawaiian flower?

Hawaiian Leis, Orchid Lavender Lei.

What does Malama mean?

To take care of, tend, attend

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