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How can I take my dog to Maui?

The quickest way to get your dog to Maui is through the Direct Airport Release. Both the Maui Humane Society and the West Maui Animal Clinic are APPROVED by the State of Hawaii Quarantine Division to inspect animals at the Kahului Airport for Direct Release to the owner.

How can I take my dog to Maui?

The quickest way to get your dog to Maui is through the Direct Airport Release. Both the Maui Humane Society and the West Maui Animal Clinic are APPROVED by the State of Hawaii Quarantine Division to inspect animals at the Kahului Airport for Direct Release to the owner.

What are the requirements to bring a dog to Hawaii?

8/19 One completed form per pet is required to be submitted along with all pre-arrival documents (Two rabies vaccination certificates, health certificate, pre-payments made payable to: Hawaii Department of Agriculture) NO LESS THAN 10 DAYS BEFORE PET ARRIVES IN HAWAII TO QUALIFY FOR 5 DAY OR LESS or AIRPORT RELEASE.

How long is the dog quarantine in Maui?

Normal quarantine is 120 days at the Animal Quarantine Station (AQS) on Oahu. However, as long as we have good communication, your furry ohana will not spend one second in quarantine!

How much does it cost to fly your dog to Hawaii?

Full 120-Day Quarantine Program: $1,080 per pet. 5 Day-or-Less Quarantine Program: $224 per pet. Direct Release Program at the Airport: $185 per pet. Early Arrivals: All pets arriving before the eligible date of entry will be quarantined and you'll be charged $14.30 each day in addition to program fees.

How hard is it to bring a dog to Hawaii?

Animals should have passed a blood serum test, with results e-mailed to Hawaii officials by the testing lab. Pets cannot enter the state till 120 days after the blood sample is received by the state.

What airlines allow dogs in cabin to Hawaii?

However, we have only found ONE airline that allows in-cabin pet travel to Hawaii: Alaska Airlines. Hawaiian Airlines permits small cats, dogs, and household birds to fly in the passenger cabin on inter-island flights and on flights leaving Hawaii.

Is Maui dog friendly?

You and Your Doggo are Ready for the Beach! Once you and your best friend have reached Maui, there are many dog friendly places, like Kilohana Park or Kahekili Beach. Some beaches are not happy to host your furry friend, so make sure you do a bit of research before hitting the sand.

Are dogs allowed on beach in Maui?

Maui County Code requires that dogs on property other than the owner's must be secured on a leash of not more than 10 feet in length. This includes all beaches and parks in Maui County, except leash-free dog parks. To report a leash law violation, please call the Maui Humane Society at 877-3680, ext.

Can I take my dog to Hawaii on vacation?

Only dogs and cats can be transported into Hawaii. Hawaii is the only rabies-free state in the US. The introduction of rabies would have dire circumstances for public health, Hawaii's ecosystem, tourism, and lifestyle.

How can I avoid pet quarantine in Hawaii?

The state offers an expedited quarantine program, known as the 5 Day or Less Rabies Quarantine Program, that requires pets to undergo rabies vaccinations and blood testing before arriving, which allows them to avoid physical quarantine in Hawaii.

Can my dog fly in the cabin with me to Hawaii?

We accept dogs or cats as pets traveling in the cabin, and are happy to accommodate your pet in our pressurized, temperature-controlled cabin compartment of our aircraft following the policies outlined below. Household birds will not be accepted for carriage in the cabin, but may be accepted as checked baggage.

Can you buy your dog a plane ticket?

How much does it cost to buy a seat for your dog? The fee for taking a dog in the plane cabin is $125 per pet, for both Jet Blue and United. When flying with United, there is an additional $125 service charge for each stopover of more than 4 hours within the U
or more than 24 hours outside of the U

Are dogs allowed on beaches in Hawaii?

In order for the community to continue to support sharing the shoreline with dogs, great care must be taken to ensure responsibility and respect for all beach goers
.Allowed in areas below the high-tide line.

What dog breeds are not allowed in Hawaii?

Non-domestic dogs and cats and hybrids such as wolf, wolf cross, Dingo, Bengal, Savannah, etc are prohibited from entry to Hawaii.

Is it safe for dogs to swim in the ocean?

With proper precautions, it can definitely be safe to let your dog swim in the ocean but beware of sharp shells, rocks, litter or any rip currents.

Are dogs allowed on sand Island?

– Pets are welcome on trails, multi-use paths, or on the park roads. – Pets may be tied to fixed objects in the campgrounds if the leash is less than 6 feet long. – Pets must be attended to at all times, this includes the campgrounds.

Can you bring dogs to Pacific beach?

Pacific Beach is pet-friendly. Stretching from the Crystal Pier to Pacific Beach Drive, you can find wander along golden sands with your pooch. Dogs are not allowed on the beach, boardwalk or adjacent parks between 9am and 4pm from November 1 through March 31.

Can I take my dog to Mission Bay?

General Guidelines for Dog Owners Licensed dogs are allowed on the beach, and on sidewalks and park areas near the beach, during the night and early morning hours until 9 a
, but they must be leashed. Whenever you take your dog to the beach, you must be prepared to pick up after your pet.

Are dogs allowed on Angel island?

Dogs are NOT allowed on the island, service animals excepted. This does not include the use of emotional support animals which are not covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Is Alcatraz dog friendly?

While park regulations due not permit pets on Alcatraz Island, there are many pet-friendly areas within Golden Gate National Recreation Area to go for a walk. "Why can't I take my pet with me?" For many visitors, seeing wildlife is a highlight of a national park visit.

Are dogs allowed on Golden Gate Ferry?

On the Ferry Guide dogs and other working service animals are always permitted on Golden Gate Ferry. Other animals and pets are permitted aboard ferries provided they are in, and remain in, airline-approved hand-carried containers.

What happened at Angel Island?

In its 30-year existence, from 1910 to 1940, Angel Island processed about half a million immigrants from 80 countries, people coming to and leaving from the U
, before it closed when a fire broke out. Over the next 30 years, restrictions to Asian immigration and naturalization slowly loosened.

How much does it cost to go to Angel Island?

Adults (18 & Over) $5.00. Youth (6-17 Years) $3.00. Child (5 & Under) Free.

Does anybody live on Angel Island?

Just over one square mile in size, Angel Island currently hosts a small community of about 30 residents, all of whom work, or are related to those who work, on the island in some capacity for the state. “It's like a small town where everybody knows each other and everybody knows each other's business.

What is Angel Island famous for?

The U
Immigration Station is located in Angel Island State Park on Angel Island, the largest island in California's San Francisco Bay. While the island is the home of 740 acres of pristine parkland, including beautiful beaches, picnic areas and hiking trails, it is most famous for its rich history.

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