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Why are there no rental cars in maui

Simply put, the nation's largest car rental corporations sold a ton of cars in 2020 to cushion the financial blows amid widespread COVID-19 travel restrictions, and now they can't buy enough replacements principally due to car production delays.

Does Maui still have a rental car shortage?

The Hawaii Department of Transportation (DOT) said they haven't seen shortages on Oahu or Maui, which they say actually does more rentals than Honolulu. The DOT added that the beginning of the pandemic caused many rental car companies to sell their fleet or leave them parked at Aloha Stadium.

Why are there no rental cars in Hawaii right now?

Hawaii, like many vacation destinations throughout the country, has been experiencing a rental car shortage for months as demand soars and inventory continues to be lower than average.

Where are rental cars not allowed in Maui?

There are only 2 "portions" of roads that the rental car companies don't want you to take their cars. The portion of the Hana Hwy past Kipahulu which is the south/east flank of Haleakala, and a portion of Kahekili Hwy, that is in west Maui past the blow hole.

Can you take rental cars to Road to Hana?

Most all rental car companies on Maui will allow you to drive to Hana. Driving the backside of Haleakala, past Oheo Gulch is not recommended for the faint of heart. The ROAD TO HANA is open: The best parts of driving to Hana are between Paia and Seven Sacred Pools.

Do you need a 4WD in Maui?

Unlike Big Island (or Kauai), Maui roads are generally good and you absolutely don't need the power of a 4WD to access any point of interest.

What's the speed limit in Maui?

55 MPH

Why does everyone speed in Maui?

Many locals want visitors to drive the speed limit, for safety, unless that visitor is in front of them! Heck, even in my Home Owners' meetings (both Colorado and Arizona), the fastest drivers rail on about folk, from outside the neighborhood speeding.

What time is rush hour in Maui?

Weekday morning rush hour can clog many roads between 7 am, and 9 am in most towns and highways. You'll be lucky to go the speed limit during these times, making for a late boat tour or activity arrival if you're not careful. The evenings are about the same between 4 pm and 6 pm.

Is homelessness a problem in Hawaii?

Hawaii is currently facing one of the worst homeless epidemics in the country with the highest rate of homelessness per capita in the nation. It is the number one priority of the Lieutenant Governor to work towards solutions for our homelessness crisis which has a devastating social and economic impact on our state.

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