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What to pack kauai in may

What to pack to bring to Kauai?

Kauai Packing List: Top 10 Items

What do people wear on Kauai?

In fact, there is no need to overdress; most dining is casual. For men this means khakis or cargo shorts and an aloha shirt, and for ladies a summer dress. Sandals work well, but heels tend to get stuck in unpaved areas that are common in garden areas surrounding Kauai's restaurants and Luau grounds.

Is May a good time to visit Kauai?

Visiting Kauai in April, May, or June The early spring months of April and May are two of the best months to visit Kauai, in our opinion. The weather is typically fantastic, and rates and visitor demand are down until early June. This is definitely the time of year to find great rates on-island.

What color should I wear snorkeling?

The same bright colors that a lot of flotation devices are, like a personal swim buoy. And the same bright colors that you may want to wear so your snorkeling partner can easily spot you… because you will get separated when you each are off chasing the different colorful schools of tropical fish you see!

Do I need booties for snorkeling?

Deeper water is colder than surface water! SCUBA divers also need booties for walking while wearing their gear out of the water. Some dive sites can only be accessed by walking over rough or rocky beaches first. All of this means that most SCUBA fins are open-heel.

Do you need reef shoes in Hawaii?

Although really, you don't NEED them. But there have been SO many times I've been happy to be wearing water shoes when snorkeling in Hawaii… and when I wasn't wearing them, I wish I had them!

Can I wear sneakers to the beach?

Although walking sandals are go-to footwear for the beach, some people prefer closed-toe shoes. In that case, we suggest a pair of comfortable low-top sneakers. You may not be able to avoid getting water or sand in your shoes.

Do I need socks with water shoes?

Water shoes are fine for some applications, but when you have sand and grit and dirt constantly rubbing between wet shoes and your feet you're going to get blisters and irritation. So, the first thing you should invest in is a pair of neoprene socks.

Can you walk around in water shoes?

You can use them to walk almost anywhere you would with a regular shoe, although maybe not as long. They can protect your feet from all sort of sharp and semi-rough terrain. They usually have holes at the bottom of the soles and mesh on the sides, allowing water to escape easily.

Should I size up or down for water shoes?

For sizing, think about the intended use of the shoe as well as the water temperatures you want to use them in. In general, go up about 1 full size if you want to be able to fit thick neoprene socks (4-5 mm), or multiple socks underneath a drysuit sock. In general, it's better to size up and be a bit too warm.

What shoes is best for water?

The Best Water Shoes

What shoes should I wear to a water park?

You can wear water shoes or sandals to walk around the park, but for your safety you will be asked to hold them when you go on the attractions. Water shoes or sandals can catch on the slide on your way down, causing possible injury.

Are thongs allowed at water parks?

However, if no guest complains, generally speaking they are good to go. Many water parks have rules posted in guide maps or signage that say “No thong or inappropriate bikinis allowed”. However, even a thong bikini is somewhat up for interpretation.

What to wear to a waterpark if you're fat?

Just wear whatever you feel most comfortable in for going on the slides and in the water/etc.
Men do NOT have to wear t-shirts – it is a water park and people are walking around from one slide to the other (getting a tan!) and getting very wet.
Lockers are available at both WnW and TL.

What should I carry for water park?

Hats, visors, and sunglasses (with straps so you don't lose them on roller coasters) are also good ideas. Regular hygiene items: Water parks usually have showers in the locker rooms for washing the chlorine proof chemicals before you change into dry clothes. Consider bringing travel-sized body wash and shampoo.

What do you do with your phone at a waterpark?

Bring a waterproof case for your phone and money. Just be sure to put your phone in a plastic waterproof case. Also, stick money or a credit card in there and leave your purse at home (NOT in the car please).

Which clothes we wear in water park?

Bathing suit and a comfortable cover-up. A cover-up made of light cotton or terrycloth is ideal, as is a lightweight athletic fabric that can wick away moisture. Cover-ups can be a cute sundress or light tunic for women, and a T-shirt and shorts for men.

Can you wear a shirt to a waterpark?

General Park Attire In this case, sandals or sneakers, shorts, and T-shirts or tank tops are acceptable. If the weather is cool, a sweatshirt or track pants are ideal to slip over your bathing suit.

Can I wear shorts to water park?

Re: Can i wear shorts over my bikini bottoms in water parks? Yes you can. I have worn shorts over my bathing suit many times.

Is it compulsory to wear swimsuit in water park?

For your own health and safety, appropriate swimwear must be worn at all times when using the park's attractions and if wearing inappropriate attire, you might be asked to change or leave the premises.

What do you wear to an indoor water park?

Wear shoes Go barefoot in areas where you are meant to be barefoot, like on all the water attractions. Wear shoes or flip flops in other areas like the snack shop and bathrooms. It's a hassle since you are always wet at the waterpark, but it's worth the extra time spent.

What should a woman wear to a water park?

For a woman, a loose sundress or caftan is the perfect coverup, as it's easy to pull on over a wet suit. If your park includes non-water rides, bring shorts too. The males in your group might need only a T-shirt to wear over trunks. Opt for lightweight, loose-fitting pieces in light colors.

What to do before going to a waterpark?

Be prepared. Waterproof sunscreen. Lots of water (I recommend a water bottle for each member of the family) Lots of snacks (you are allowed to bring your own food into the park, and remember: objects in water appear hungrier than on land) Extra clothes (and a separate bag to throw the wet ones in)

Can you wear rash guards in water parks?

Wetsuits are not allowed on any of the slides, however guests can wear a wetsuit in the pool areas. Exposed zippers are not allowed on any of the slides. Water shoes are allowed to be worn in the Water Park everywhere except on the water slides. Rash guards are acceptable anywhere throughout the Water Park.

Do rash guards prevent jellyfish?

Quality rash guards are able to handle both dry and wet conditions and should function well in both settings. In fact, our rash guards are built specifically to also protect from things like jellyfish and fire coral, which are two common reasons for people to contract a rash in the ocean.

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