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When is rainy season in maui

The wettest periods on Maui almost always occur in winter, when the tradewinds bring additional moisture to the islands. This period runs from mid-November through late March on average, and some of these systems can carry quite a bit of rain.

Can you swim in Hana Maui?

The lava outcropping protects the bay and makes it safe for swimming. Snorkeling is excellent, and there's a natural whirlpool area on the Hana Bay side of the cove.

Can you swim in a waterfall in Maui?

Looking for big, magical, accessible, swimmable waterfalls? You've come to the right island. The northern and eastern parts of Maui are loaded with options, heavily concentrated along the infamous “Road to Hāna.” Swimming is possible at many of them, and in most cases, access requires only a short walk or hike.

Are waterfalls in Maui cold?

The stream that contributes to most of the waterfall flow at the Rappel Maui activity site averages about 23 degrees C or 73 degrees F. These are shallow streams with flow that fluctuates with rainfall and other factors. There may be a daily range of a few degrees, and can follow the trends in air temperature.

Can you swim in Twin Falls Maui?

Twin Falls is a short hike and popular swimming hole located along the Hana Highway in Maui, Hawaii. The hiking here is subpar but it's a great spot to swim in a river and underneath some waterfalls. This hike has several spots to jump off little to medium size cliffs into the pools below.

Can you swim in Wailua Falls Maui?

Can You Swim In Wailua Falls? Yes, you can swim in the plunge pool at Wailua Falls. Pull into the parking lot, and head for the small trail that takes you to the base of the falls. Here you can take a refreshing dip in the pool at Wailua!

Are there sharks in Wailua River?

The ones you have to worry about are the Tiger, Grey, Whitetip and Blacktip Reef sharks. Very few fatal attacks, mostly just curiosity bites, but those are bad enough. 4.

Is Wailua Falls worth visiting?

The Wailua Falls are awesome and are featured in the opening of the original Fantasy Island. The view is easy from high above on the road. There are signs prohibiting going down to the bottom of the falls but, like in so many things, it was not obeyed by tourists. The parking for the falls is free but limited.

How long does it take to hike to Wailua Falls?

The trail is approximately a third of a mile long but the crux of the trail is down a very steep and slippery slope. Hikers must hold on to roots, limbs and handy ropes (if present) to safely navigate the slope. The trail can be completed in about 15-20 minutes (each way).

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