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Where to surf maui

Which side of Maui is best for surfing?

Honolua Bay is not only the best wave in Maui, it is one of the best in the world. The northwestern coast of Maui is riddled with bays and crags that can produce all variety of great surf during the winter months, when the North Pacific is busy churning out storm after storm.

Where is best surf in Maui?

To watch pro surfers in action, head to Honolua Bay and Hookipa Beach near Lower Paia during winter big wave season. East of Hookipa, you'll find Maui's most famous surf spot for big wave surfing: Peahi, also known as "Jaws.” During big swells, surfers are towed into Peahi's massive waves by jet-skis.

Is surfing good in Maui?

Hawaii and surfing go hand in hand. Out of all four major islands, Maui is arguably the best for a beginner surfer. The waves rarely get too large due to island blocking from Lanai, Molokai and the Big Island.

What is the best time of day to surf in Maui?

Simply put, the best time of day to surf is in the early morning and late evening. The surf is the best at these times because the winds are calm during the beginning and end of the day.

Can you surf at Kaanapali Beach?

Body Surfing/Skimboarding/Boogie Boarding Although Kaanapali does not have a wide variety of surf spots, the sandy beach does offer fun body surfing, skim boarding, and boogie boarding. These sports can be especially fun if you are staying at one of the many resorts that line Kaanapali beach.

Where can I surf in Hawaii for beginners?

Hawaii's Ten Best Beginner Surf Spots

Do you need a wetsuit to surf in Maui?

It may sound silly since Hawaii is synonymous with warm water surfing but it does get chilly sometimes. You won't need to pack your winter 4/3 full suit by any means but a nice 1 or 2mm wetsuit top will help keep your core warm and allow you to surf longer, especially if the trade winds start to pick up.

Which Hawaiian island has the best surf?

Oahu is the proverbial heartbeat of surfing in Hawaii. The island's North Shore is the place to catch the perfect wave, regardless of your skill level.

Do you need a wetsuit to surf in Hawaii?

Hawaii has year-round warm tropical weather, with water temperatures hovering around 22-27°C (72-82°F) throughout the year. Therefore, you don't need a wetsuit to surf in Hawaii!Mar 8, 2021

What months are best for surfing in Hawaii?

Big wave season in Hawaii happens roughly between November and February on Hawaii's north shores. You can watch surfers on every island, but some of the best surfing competitions in the world are held on Oahu's North Shore in November and December, including the biggest them of all, the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing.

Does Maui get waves in the summer?

If you look at a map of South Maui, you'll notice that much of it actually faces west. This means that South Maui can get waves at any time of year. The southwest swells of summer that bring the best waves, but large northwest winter swells can also wrap into select areas to provide the occasional out-of-season surf.

Is surfing in Hawaii safe?

A good number of Hawaiian beaches are downright beautiful, but this has little to do with their safety. It is a fact that some of the most gorgeous examples of sand and surf in the islands are not guarded by reefs and can be extremely dangerous, particularly in the winter.

What month has the biggest waves in Hawaii?

The months between November and February are the best times to see big wave surfing. The massive waves can sometimes swell up to thirty feet or more—dangerous even for experienced surfers—so always heed warning signs.

Is it safe to swim in Hawaii sharks?

Swim, surf, or dive with other people, and don't move too far away from assistance. Stay out of the water at dawn, dusk, and night, when some species of sharks may move inshore to feed. But be aware that tiger sharks are known to bite people at all times of the day.

Why is surfing so popular in Hawaii?

Surfing is one of the best things to do in Hawaii, but it's more than just a sport or pastime for locals. It is one Hawaii's most valuable treasures, providing a deep and non-severable connection to ancient culture.

Can you surf on every island in Hawaii?

You can watch surfers on every island, but some of the best surfing competitions in the world are held on Oahu's North Shore in November and December, including the biggest them of all, the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing.

Who is the god of surfing?

Benthesikyme and Cymopoleia. Have you ever heard about them? They were the Greek goddesses of the surf. There are several water deities in ancient Greek mythology.

Which island has the big waves in Hawaii?


What is the best beach to surf in Hawaii?

Top 5 favorite Hawaii surfing beaches

Where do most people surf in Hawaii?

The most popular Hawaiian surf spots are located on The Big Island (Hawaii), The Valley Isle (Maui), The Garden Isle (Kauai), and The Gathering Place (Oahu). Hawaii is the capital of modern surfing. This group of Pacific islands gets swell from all directions, so there are plenty of pristine surf spots for all.

Where are the biggest waves on Maui?


Has anyone died surfing Jaws?

They fell from the sky, some with their boards and some without, in a vulgar display of possibly the worst wipeouts in the history of the sport. Despite so many people saying to themselves, 'jesusfuckenchrist there is no way anybody could survive that' as they watched it all go down, no one died.

Where is the Jaws wave?

Island of Maui

Where is Jaws surf spot on Maui?

The Jaws surf spot is located between Mile Markers 13 and 14 along the Hana Hwy. off Hahana Rd. Access requires parking and then walking about 1.5 miles to the seacliffs.

Can you walk to Jaws Maui?

The Journey to "Jaws", Maui's world famous mega-surf break, is not for the timid. It is located in a remote coastline along the North Shore 7 miles from Paia town, reachable by four-wheel drive vehicle only or by walking the roughshod dirt road for a mile in to the viewing area.

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