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How tall is Black Rock in Kaanapali?

Wondering how high is Black Rock Maui? There are a few jump off spots ranging from about 12 feet to as high as 18 feet depending on the tide.

How tall is Black Rock in Kaanapali?

Wondering how high is Black Rock Maui? There are a few jump off spots ranging from about 12 feet to as high as 18 feet depending on the tide.

How tall is Black Rock Maui Hawaii?

You can choose the most comfortable spot to dive off of because Black Rock has more than one jump-off spot. What is this? The heights range from 12 to 18 feet. Black Rock is also the site of the nightly ceremony where a Hawaiian cliff diver honors their ancestors and dives into the deep waters.

How tall is Black Rock cliff jump?

About 20-30 feet

Can you jump off of Black Rock Maui?

Nowadays Black Rock is used by the younger generation as a leaping-off point for fun in the ocean. There is also a resort-sponsored sunset torch lighting (that also ends with a jump.) Snorkeling and diving are also excellent all around this point.

Can you swim around Black Rock?

To be clear, you should snorkel at the Black Rock section of Kaanapali Beach. The rest of Kaanapali Beach is great for sunning and swimming but the Black Rock area has the fish. The water around Black Rock starts at about 8 feet deep and gradually gets to about 25 feet or more as you head North around the point.

Are there sharks at Black Rock Beach?

Shark attacks are not common at Kaanapali Beach, although they do happen every now and then. They are also not often fatal. But shark attacks do happen on occasion at Kaanapali, but being aware of what lurks in the murky waters is the best way to be prepared.

Is Black Rock Maui snorkeling safe?

We find the snorkeling here to be good, but not great. There is really no reef to speak of, just a little coral on the rock wall, and lots of fish. The snorkeling is along the wall, and out around the point where there can be a very strong current, so stay aware and only go out if it is calm.

Where is the best snorkeling in Maui?

The best Top 10 Maui snorkel spots with maps & photos.

Where is Turtle Town Maui?

Maluaka Beach

What time is Black Rock cliff dive?

Right before sunset, around 6 pm the ceremonial lighting of the torches begins. over a year ago. Sunset.

What does Kekaa mean in Hawaiian?

The rumble

Where can I cliff jump in Maui?

Black Rock at Ka'anapali is Maui's most famous cliff jumping spot. With sandy white beaches giving way to a jut of lava rock, the spot is both picturesque and easily accessible.

What time is Black Rock ceremony?

Each evening at sunset, the Ka'anapali Beach cliff diving ceremony takes place on the cliffs of Puu Kekaa, or Black Rock. You can watch as the diver sets the cliff torches ablaze. Then, to complete the ceremony, the diver releases a lei into the ocean below as an offering to the ancient Hawaiian gods.

Is there cliff diving in Maui?

The island of Maui is a very popular destination for cliff jumping. Maui visitors are sure to find a variety of cliff jumping destinations with stunning views and dives well-suited for every skill level. The appropriately-named black rock is a chunk of lava that juts out from a beautiful section of white-sand beach.

What time is the cliff diving at Sheraton Maui?

When Does The Sheraton Cliff Diving Ceremony Start? The ceremony starts just before sunset, typically between 5:30pm and 6:30pm. It only lasts for around 10 to 20 minutes, so it is best to get there early.

Can you park at the Sheraton Maui?

On the north end, the Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa has 20 spaces in the basement of a parking garage just off of Kaanapali Parkway, and next door, the Ka'anapali Beach Hotel has 10 parking spaces, but they are up against a chain-link fence, next to the beach access walkway, and a sign directing beachgoers there says: “

Where can I park for free in Kaanapali Beach?

Like you're going backwards. Then to the right right after the sheraton ends there's going to be

Where do you park for Black Rock Maui?

Parking: There are 18 spots in the Ka'anapali Beach Access parking garage beneath the Sheraton. Drive all the way down Ka'anapali Parkway until it ends. Turn left around the bend, and head back the way you came. The second driveway on your right leads down into the parking garage.

Is Kaanapali Beach free?

Every hotel along Ka'anapali Beach has to supply a limited number of parking spots for "free", to access the beach there. But you have to get there early, to get one of those spots.

Is Kaanapali Beach man made?

3. Kaanapali Beach, Maui. A mix of man-made comforts and natural splendor, the clear waters at Kaanapali Beach are perfect for snorkeling and diving. A cement walkway runs parallel to the beach and features the occasional hammock, shopping kiosks and shaded bungalows.

What is Kaanapali known for?

One of Kaanapali Beach's most famous attractions is the daily cliff diving ceremony off the beach's northernmost cliffs known as Puu Kekaa, or Black Rock. Held every evening at sunset, a cliff diver lights the torches along the cliff, diving off Black Rock in a reenactment of a feat by Maui's revered King Kahekili.

Is Kaanapali Beach swimmable?

Kaanapali Beach is not only extremely wide with the most marvelous soft and fluffy sand making it ideal for "laying out" but its sand bottom entry into the water makes it an ideal location to swim.

What is the most beautiful beach in Maui?

Hamoa Beach Though it's a mere pocket of sand at the Hana end of Maui—no longer than 1,000 feet—Hamoa is undoubtedly one of Maui's most beautiful beaches. It's backed by a thick forest of Hala trees, its shore is wide and golden, and its waters a brilliant shade of aquamarine.

Which part of Kaanapali Beach is best?

Ka'anapali Beach Characteristics

Where is the clearest water in Maui?


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