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What type of jets are used on a lanai artesian hot tub

The Lanai Elite Spa features 30 separate stainless steel jets that push powerful, penetrating streams of water to three separate seats.

How can I tell what type of jet is on my hot tub?

On a waterway jet you will find a number stamped. Here on this one it says to 1/8. – four thousand

Are all hot tub jets the same?

Many styles of hot tub jets are interchangeable as long as they are the same size. Most jets can be easily removed by turning them to the left and then they will pop right out.

Does Artesian spas use Balboa?

Artesian hot tub's use the Balboa spa control system which is the best spa control system on the market today. They use high-quality waterways pumps and jets which are also of very high-quality.

Which hot tubs have the strongest jets?

Bullfrog Spas are engineered to be the most powerful hot tubs made today. The unique design of the JetPak Therapy System makes your spa more efficient and powerful.

How do I make my hot tub jets stronger?

And you don't need it at the bottom if you actually turn off the Jets at the bottom. You will

Are more jets better in a hot tub?

For some brands, adding more jets is the only way they can compete. That is why you may come across brands with astronomical jet counts. But more jets does not equal a better hot tub.

How many jets makes a good hot tub?

Not necessarily. A seat with 30 jets looks nice, but a seat with 3 jets across your shoulder blades and 2 jets sweeping and massaging up and down your back will be far more effective than the 25 stationary jets. What you need to really consider is why you are buying the hot tub.

How many jets are best in a hot tub?

Generally speaking, you want there to be around 20-30 jets for every massage pump. Another thing to consider is the number of jets each seat in the hot tub has. A 2-3 person hot tub with 30 jets, for example, can outperform a larger 8 person hot tub with 45-50 simply because there are more jets in each seat.

What is the average life of a hot tub?

5-20 years

What is the most reliable hot tub brand?

Bullfrog Spas.Jacuzzi.Sundance Spas.ThermoSpas.Caldera Spas.Hot Spring.Catalina Spas.Master Spas.

How often should a hot tub be drained?

With average use, your hot tub should be drained and refilled about once every three or four months. But since everyone uses their hot tub differently, the answer can vary based on how many people use it and how often.

Can I leave my hot tub empty in winter?

In cold months, this water can freeze and do tons of damage. Alternately, don't drain it and leave it empty for extended periods. Water left in the pipes and equipment can grow bacteria biofilm, which is difficult to eradicate. Plus, without water, seals and gaskets become dry and begin to leak.

How long can you leave a hot tub without chemicals?

Without sanitizer, the risk of contamination increases with every soak. And sanitizer aside, if the water used to fill the hot tub has poor alkalinity or pH, that can pose a risk immediately. And, if chemicals are being used, it could last 3-4 months before the water needs to be changed.

How long can a hot tub sit unused?

Should the power go out to your hot tub for some reason, as a general rule, you've got at least 7 days before you run the risk of something important freezing and breaking. Usually, 10 to 14 days. It will not freeze overnight.

How do you break in a hot tub?

6 Things that Destroy Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

Is it OK to leave a hot tub empty in the summer?

Draining your hot tub if you won't be using it in summer is, as mentioned earlier, a good idea. However, leaving it exposed to the sun isn't. The problem is that the sun's UV rays can be exceptionally damaging to acrylic. It's so detrimental that leaving the tub exposed can void your hot tub's warranty.

Can you leave water in hot tub off?

Well, in the case of your hot tub, it might not be the best idea. With the hot tub off, it will be unable to circulate and filter the water, that means stationary water which isn't being circulated. Water sitting in the pipework could end up going stagnant and causing problems when you return.

Why are hot tubs always broken?

Most failures are due to heating element corrosion. This can be caused by low ph in the water supply. Low PH (below 7.0) for an extended amount of time will cause damage to the heating element and trip the GFCI breaker. Most issues can be avoided with proper water chemistry maintenance.

How long should a spa pump run per day?

Since your hot tub pump circulates the warm water as well as the sanitizer, a general rule is to follow manufacturer recommendations or leave the pump on for a minimum of eight hours per day.

How do I clean hot tub jets?

Clean Your Jets Take your hot tub jets. Minerals can build up on the jets, and you will need to clean them. The jets in your Master Spa can be removed for cleaning by turning them counter-clockwise until they release and then pulling out the jet. Soak the jets overnight in white vinegar and then rinse with water.

What is the fastest way to cool a hot tub?

Simply lower the temperature of your hot tub to roughly 85°F or turn off your heater altogether. Leaving your air jets running will help circulate the cool water throughout your hot tub quickly and efficiently.

Does a hot tub heat faster with jets on?

Before covering your hot tub, make sure to turn on the jets as this will accelerate the pace of your hot tub's heating. By running the jets, you're allowing the heated water to be circulated and evenly distributed to all areas of the hot tub.

What temperature is too cold for hot tub?

It is also not recommended to keep your hot tub below 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Generally, you should always keep your hot tub at the same, constant temperature.

Can you run hot tub jets with cover on?

Hot tub jets can be run with the cover on. But if chemicals have just been added, it is best to leave the cover off for 20 minutes as the mist of the water and chemicals could damage the underside of the cover over time.

Is it cheaper to leave a hot tub on all the time?

It's much more economical to maintain your tub's temperature rather than heating it from scratch each time. If you had to heat up your hot tub from cold each time you wanted to use it, this would have a dramatic impact on your hot tub running costs.

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