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Where to watch sunrise maui

The best place to view a Maui sunrise is Haleakala Summit. Some of the very first visitors to Maui, including Mark Twain in 1866, ventured to the summit for sunrise. Today the winding 38 mile Crater Road sees hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Where can I watch the Haleakala sunrise?

The Summit Visitor Center

Can you see the sunrise in Lahaina?

If you want to witness one of the most gorgeous sunrises you've ever seen, then head over to Lahaina Pali Trail! This adventure takes you on a 15-minute hike from the Ukumehame Trailhead to panoramic views of the white-capped ocean.

Can you watch sunrise at Haleakala without reservation?

No, you only need a sunrise reservation to access the summit during sunrise hours (3:00 AM to 7:00 AM).

Can I do the Haleakala Sunrise on your own?

So first, yes, you can do the Haleakala sunrise on your own! So you don't need a tour to do the Haleakala sunrise. And while you don't need a tour to do the Haleakala sunrise, you do need a reservation. Going to see the Haleakala sunrise on your own means a drive to the Haleakala summit.

What time should I wake up for Haleakala Sunrise?

For sunrise trips, leave no later than 3:30 AM. It takes one hour to reach the summit when leaving from Kahului, 1-1.5 hours from Kihei, and 2 hours from Lahaina. The very latest we'd suggest entering the park in the morning is 4:30 AM.

Which parking lot is best for Haleakala Sunrise?

The summit parking

Can you do Haleakala Sunrise and road to Hana in same day?

While it is technically possible to visit both Haleakala National Park and drive the road to Hana on the same day, it means you will be spending a lot of time in the car and missing out on some of the more interesting experiences that would be available to those who can spend more time on each activity.

Do you need 4 wheel drive for Haleakala?

No. The only hiking trail that sometimes needs 4×4 is PoliPoli Park. Those are not the best trails for tourists anyway and require a drive almost as long as the Haleakala summit to get to And even there you can get to all of the trails without a car by walking a bit farther.

Can rental cars be driven on Road to Hana?

Most all rental car companies on Maui will allow you to drive to Hana. Driving the backside of Haleakala, past Oheo Gulch is not recommended for the faint of heart. The ROAD TO HANA is open: The best parts of driving to Hana are between Paia and Seven Sacred Pools.

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