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Which resorts are closest to the airport in majorca

What is the closest holiday resort from Palma airport?

Marina Luz hotel in Playa de Palma is only 10 mins on service bus from airport and is a brill hotel. The Marina Luz is, in fact in Cala Estancia, just on the western edge of Ca'n Pastilla and is right under the flight path of the airport, although other posts have said this does not cause a problem.

Where in Majorca is closest to the airport?

The closest major airport to Majorca is Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI / LEPA). This airport is in Palma, Spain and is 31 km from the center of Majorca. If you're looking for international or domestic flights to PMI, check the airlines that fly to PMI.

How far is Alcudia from airport?

Approximately 61 km

How far is Santa Ponsa from airport?

33 km

How much is taxi from airport to Santa Ponsa?

€45 30min

How far is Puerto Pollensa from airport?

The distance between Port de Pollença and Palma Mallorca Airport (PMI) is 50 km.

How long is transfer from Palma airport to Santa Ponsa?

How to get from Palma de Mallorca Airport to Santa Ponsa. A transfer from Majorca Palma Airport to Santa Ponsa takes only 35 minutes when you book a Private Taxi transfer, 45 minutes with a Speedy Shuttle and approximately 55 minutes with a low cost Shuttle.

What is Santa Ponsa like in Majorca?

Although not quite in the league of the neighbouring towns of Magaluf and Palma Nova, Santa Ponsa is still an extremely well equipped and lively town with plenty of shops, bars and restaurants and heaps of facilities and amenities for holidaymakers.

Is Santa Ponsa a party place?

Santa Ponsa delivers a classic party boat experience on Tuesdays and Saturdays throughout summer. As well as a great choice of drinks and non-stop summer anthems, you'll enjoy quirky extras like champagne spray showers as well as opportunities for cliff diving and swimming.

How much is the bus from Palma airport to Santa Ponsa?

The cost-effective way to get from Palma Mallorca Airport (PMI) to Santa Ponsa is to bus, which costs €5 – €7 and takes 55 min.

How do I get from Palma airport to hotel?

The quickest way to get from Palma Mallorca Airport (PMI) to Palma is to bus which costs €5 and takes 9 min. Is there a direct bus between Palma Mallorca Airport (PMI) and Palma? Yes, there is a direct bus departing from 547-Aeroport – Arribades and arriving at 1161-Àrea d'intercanvi Palau de Congressos.

How far is Cala D or from airport?

Around 60 km

What is Santa Ponsa known for?

The most popular activity in Santa Ponsa is lazing on the beach or eating out at one of the many bars and restaurants. Because of its access to the motorway and the nearby Tramuntana mountain range, Santa Ponsa makes an ideal base for hikers and bikers. There is also the popular Jungle Parc outdoor adventure park.

Is Santa Ponsa or Magaluf better?

Magaluf is edgier, noisier, dirtier, bigger and more aggressive, and it has what Santa Ponsa does not: “the Strip”, or Punta Ballena, a frenetic neon-lit street lined with lap-dancing clubs, tattoo parlours, bars, clubs and fast-food restaurants.

Is Santa Ponsa expensive to eat out?

We enjoyed the holiday but did find it a little more expensive than tenerife which is where we visited last year. we eat out every night and found santa ponsa both more expensive and less choice of restaurants than los christianos.

Is Santa Ponsa full of Irish?

Lots of Irish people come to Santa Ponsa, it has been affectionately known as little Ireland by some, the hotels balconies are often draped in Irish or Celtic flags/towels etc and the Irish quarter at the top of the hill, up from the beach and right of the roundabout has lots of bars and eateries along it.

Does Santa Ponsa have a promenade?

The southwest seaside town of Santa Ponsa is a hugely popular place for a holiday. It has a wonderful sandy beach – Playa de Santa Ponsa, a couple of picturesque coves and a lively promenade.

What does Santa Ponsa mean in English?

Area of rush bushes

Why are there so many Irish in Santa Ponsa?

It happened by accident when a few hotels were picked out by Irish tour operators at roughly the same time in the early 1970s and decided to put Santa Ponsa into Irish brochures.

How much is a pint of beer in Santa Ponsa?

2 euros upwards a (Spanish) pint widely available.

Is Santa Ponsa good for a lads holiday?

5 of my friends and I came to Santa Ponsa for a lads holiday, a laugh in the sun and a weeks worth of great nights out, we weren't disappointed. We had the best time. The apartments were sufficient to our requirements for the week.

Do Irish go to Magaluf?

But, despite the local outrage, Magaluf's illicit thrills continue to draw people looking for a good time, with many young Irish choosing to base themselves in nearby Santa Ponsa before heading into Magaluf for a night out.

Is Magaluf full of lads?

Magaluf! This buzzing Majorcan resort is a classic destination for a lads' holiday – especially in 2022, if you're looking for 24-hour nightlife. With more bars, clubs and places to party than pretty much anywhere else in the Mediterranean, this is THE place to really let off steam.

What's the legal drinking age in Magaluf?

Magalluf is a popular holiday resort on the Island of Majorca. Magalluf is often misspelled as Magaluf. In Majorca as is in other parts of Spain, the legal drinking age is 18. But there are a few regions in mainland Spain that has lowered it to 16 yrs.

How much is a taxi from Santa Ponsa to Magaluf?

€11 – €14

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