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What to wear in roatan

What should I pack for Honduras?


Does Roatan have malaria?

People often ask me if they should take anti-malarial medication while visiting Roatan. While Dengue Fever and Malaria can be contracted here, both are quite rare.

Are the beaches in Roatan free?

Sandy Bay Beach, Roatan The access is free of charge. The beaches are surrounded by coral reefs that run parallel to the coast, a short swim or boat ride away. This whole area is part of the Roatan Marine Park protected area. Because of the proximity to the reef, scuba diving is the most popular sport.

What ocean is Roatan in?

Where is Roatan located? Roatan is part the Bay Islands of Honduras. Honduras is located in Central America and has borders with Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador. The Honduran North Coast borders the Caribbean Sea while a small section of the Southern Coast borders the Pacific Ocean.

What is the most beautiful country in Latin America?

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