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How is luggage stored on boat between crete and santorini greece?

Can you take luggage on a ferry in Greece?

One large piece of luggage per person is typically allowed on board. For ferry routes in Greece passengers are entitled to carry luggage up to 50 kilos. If you wish to carry additional luggage or special sports equipment, please consider using the alternative courier services available during boarding.

Do bags get checked on ferries?

Do you check in your luggage on ferries? No, there is no check-in procedure for luggage items.

How do I travel with luggage to Greece?

So it's not to waste any space I found that when I use the packing cubes there was still some unused

Can I leave my luggage in Santorini airport?

Now you can enjoy the last few hours on the island without stress as the left luggage company J & K ensures you safe storage of baggage and personal items for as long as you wish, in a space specially designed to meet all safety rules.

Are there showers at Santorini Airport?

Medical Services – A First-Aid spot is available. You can also seek assistance at the Airport Information Desk. Showers – Not available.

Is Santorini Airport big?

"Airport is ridiculously small" ✅ Trip Verified | Santorini Airport is ridiculously small for the more than 2 million travellers that pass through it each year. However in spite of the size limitations they seem to do a good job of getting the passengers through.

Can you get a boat from Crete to Santorini?

You can get from Crete to Santorini by ferry all year round. During the summer, there are about 2-3 ferries per day from the port of Heraklion to Santorini. During the winter, there is usually 1 weekly ferry from Crete to Santorini.

How long does it take to get out of Santorini Airport?

It takes approximately 18 min to get from Santorini Airport (JTR) to Santorini Port, including transfers.

Is it safe to drive in Santorini?

Drive always within the speed limits as indicated on road signs. Speeding in the narrow roads of Santorini is very dangerous and in no case should drive faster than 60 km/h. When driving always watch for other vehicles around you. Santorini's streets are very narrow.

What animals live in Santorini?

As for the fauna, there are no wild animals in Santorini, just the common homebred animals and some typical birds of Greece, including seagulls, swallows, common quails, rock doves, house sparrows, small owls and other birds that are less commonly spotted.

Can you go swimming in Santorini?

Another spectacular beach where to swim in Santorini, reminiscent of lunar landscapes is the White Beach, which can be reached by boat, to swim, and to admire their carven from the saltiness and wind white rocks that enclose.

Are there jellyfish in Crete?

You are safe from jellyfish stings on most Cretan beaches, as the currents keep them away from the shore. Jellyfish stings are painful but harmless to humans. There are no dangerous fish or sea creatures in Crete.

What fish can you see in Santorini?

You can rest your eyes on black sands, maze-like volcanic rock formations, and plenty of fish species, the likes of glassfish, wrasse, anthia, moray eels, octopuses, and, of course, lots of crustaceans.

Is there whales in Santorini?

The body of the 9-meter long sperm whale – or Physeter macrocephalus as the scientific name is – was washed ashore on Akrotiri area on the island of Santorini in the Aegean island group of Cyclades on April 10th.

Is it worth snorkeling in Santorini?

Snorkel diving trips in Santorini Get amazed by the crystal clear waters of the Aegean sea! Snorkel diving in Santorini is a great way to explore the island's sea and enjoy watching aquatic life below the surface, a perfect activity for all the family members, over 5 years old.

Can you see turtles in Santorini?

One must-see is the Mansel Reef, featuring caverns, a great wall, overhangs and canyons, as well as three shipwrecks, two of which can be reached even by beginners. You'll also get close-up views of marine creatures such as amberjacks, sea turtles and sponges.

Should I bring snorkel gear to Greece?

Scuba diving is the much better sport for the waters off Santorini. Go ahead and pack some snorkel gear for your trip, but don't expect much. Save those expectations for the Caribbean or other well-regarded snorkel spots. And certainly don't pay for a snorkeling excursion in Greece.

Is the water in Santorini warm?

How cold is the sea in Santorini? If you come to Santorini in the winter, the water will be too cold to swim, with an average temperature of 16°C/61°F. During the summer, the sea gradually warms up and reaches an average of 25°C/77°F.

Can you take sand from Santorini?

Every year, the Greek islands are victims of their own popularity.

Can you take shells from Crete?

The beach is surrounded by a protected juniper wood and access within the boundaries of it is not allowed. Collecting shells, sand and anything else on the island is strictly forbidden, and great care is needed not to break branches from the protected junipers. The beach is initially rocky and then turns sandy.

Can I take stones from Crete?

Residents of some Greek islands have been forced to hang up posters urging people to “take pictures, not pebbles” to stop tourists making off with their coastline's famous white stones, says Culture Trip. The practice is illegal, and tourists flouting the rules can expect fines of between €400 and €1,000.

Why is Santorini beach black?

When the volcano erupted in that devastating explosion 3,600 years ago, the entire island was covered in pumice, volcanic ash, and lava. These ingredients are what give the black sand beaches their onyx color.

Can you swim Black Beach Santorini?

Apart from soaking in the sun, swimming and sitting in the taverna, it's well worth walking along Black Beach Santorini. There are some ingeniously designed beach houses built into the cliffs to the right of the taverna.

Which side of Santorini is less windy?

Just using the example of Oia village which runs East-West, the northern edge (inland side) will be more exposed to the N. wind than the south side which which will be sheltered by the cliff it stands on.

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