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How much is a boat from santorini to folegandros

How long is ferry from Santorini to Folegandros?

50 min to 2 hr

How do you get to Folegandros Island?

Folegandros can be reached by boat from Piraeus, the main passenger port of Greece, in approximately 9 hours with the conventional boat or 4 hours with a high-speed vessel. The island is also connected by sea with other Cycladic Islands like Santorini, Milos, Mykonos and many more.

What ferries go to Folegandros?

Τhe ferry route from Athens to Folegandros is served daily from July to mid-October. During the rest of the year, there are normally 5 weekly ferry crossings. The companies that usually operate on the Piraeus – Folegandros ferry route are Blue Star Ferries, Zante Ferries, Seajets and Golden Star Ferries.

How long is the ferry from Paros to Folegandros?

The trip duration from Paros to Folegandros is between 3h 10m – 5h 55m. With Golden Star Ferries which is the fastest ferry company on this route you can arrive in 3h 10m. On this route, there is no ferry company offering direct trips currently all trips are with stops at other islands.

Does Folegandros have an airport?

Since Folegandros is a quite small island, there is no airport on it. The closest airport is spotted on Santorini. Santorini National Airport (JTR), also known as Thira Airport, serves domestic flights between Athens and Santorini.

Is Folegandros worth visiting?

Folegandros is definitely a destination just for relaxation; there isn't much to do besides soak up Greek sunshine on the beaches and hike the many footpaths. It's one of the best Greek islands for couples who want a romantic getaway, a little beach time, incredible food and a lot of relaxation.

Where in Greece is Folegandros?

Folegandros is one of the most enchanting islands in Greece, part of the Cyclades complex, located between Sikinos and Milos islands. Popular with Athenians and tourists for its incomparable beauty and Venetian atmosphere, the island is considered an excellent destination for alternative vacationers.

How long is the ferry from Athens to Sifnos?

Between 2.5 hr and 5.5 hr.

Is Sifnos worth visiting?

This island is pure, authentic and relaxed. It's not for party animals, but it has everything that's good for the soul. That's what makes Sifnos worth a visit.

What is Sifnos known for?

Sifnos is a traditional Cycladic island famed for its white-washed houses, quaint Greek chapels, pristine beaches, and friendly locals, but what you might not know is that it is also thought to have the best culinary scene in the region too!Nov 18, 2020

Can you fly from Santorini to Sifnos?

How to get from Santorini to Sifnos. There is no airport in the island of Sifnos, so the only way to make a trip from Santorini to Sifnos is to use a ferry.

How long is the ferry from Santorini to Sifnos?

The trip duration from Thira(santorini) to Sifnos is between 3h – 5h 45m. With Seajets which is the fastest ferry company on this route you can arrive in 3h.

Do you need a car on Sifnos?

You don't have to rent a car for your entire stay but even a couple of days will give you the chance to see the more traditional and real Greece that is overlooked by tourists.

Is there a ferry from Sifnos to Santorini?

From the port of Sifnos, there are direct ferry routes to many islands in the Cyclades, making it a great starting point for island hopping! You can catch a ferry from Sifnos to the following islands: Santorini.

How long is the ferry ride from Santorini to Naxos?

Ferry Route Info The Santorini – Naxos ferry time takes from 1 hr to 3 hr, depending on the type of ferry (conventional or high-speed). Please bear in mind that travel time varies, depending on the type of vessel.

How long is ferry from Santorini to Milos?

2 hr to 5 hr.

Is Milos better than Santorini?

In the end, I'd say that visiting both Santorini and Milos is the best thing to do, but if I had to choose where to spend my time between the two, I would definitely pick Milos. It's just so much more fun! That's 500 words, let's go!Oct 7, 2019

Can you do a day trip to Milos from Santorini?

Speed up your pace for a Santorini to Milos day trip Day trips from Santorini to Milos are available year-round, as there are frequent ferry routes. According to 2022 ferry schedules, there are 1-3 daily crossings from Santorini to Milos. Ferries depart from Athinios port in Santorini and arrive at the port of Adamas.

Is Paros cheaper than Santorini?

When we compare the travel costs of actual travelers between Santorini and Paros, we can see that Santorini is more expensive. And not only is Paros much less expensive, but it is actually a significantly cheaper destination. So, traveling to Paros would let you spend less money overall.

Is Paros too touristy?

While the main port town of Parikia is considered the most touristy part of the island, the rest of Paros is not touristy at all. Compared with Rhodes, Crete, Santorini or Mykonos, Paros feels much more like an authentic Greek island. It is, however, more touristy than sleepier islands like Milos or Symi.

How long is ferry from Santorini to Paros?

2 hr to 4 hr

Is Paros better than Santorini?

Paros has better beaches, fewer tourists, more laid-back feel, better day-trip options, and you can actually get away from the tourist stuff if you try. Santorini has better (more upscale) shopping, better accommodation options if you're willing to pay for them, and better views.

Which is better Mykonos or Paros?

Mykonos Vs Paros. Mykonos is a fantastic choice for those who love a vibrant atmosphere, upscale living, vibrant nightlife, and lively beaches. Paros is a better option for those seeking relaxed vibes, secluded beaches, romantic atmospheres, boutique stores, classical Greek villages, and plenty of adventure activities.

Is Paros Greece expensive?

So as long as you book your tours and accommodation in advance and stick to your budget, Paros is an affordable summer destination. Although Paros is not as expensive as other cosmopolitan islands like Mykonos and Santorini, it is also not one of the cheapest destinations in Greece.

How much is a meal in Paros?

Price per night in a luxury hotel in Paros is about 321 USD (314 EUR). Using public transport in Paros comes at a cost of: 1.60 USD (1.60 EUR) for a one-way ticket
.Prices in restaurants in Paros.

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