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Where is tahiti from hiva oa

What country does Tahiti belong to?

French Polynesia

Where is Hiva Oa?

Hiva Oa is in the Marquesa Archipelago, one of the five island groups that make up The Islands of Tahiti. The main village, Atuona, is nested at the end of Taaao Bay and is overlooked by the island's highest points, Mount Temetiu (4,186 ft.)Sep 11, 2018

What is the main island of Tahiti?

Society Islands

How do you get from Marquesas to Tahiti?

There is no direct connection from Tahiti to Marquesas Islands. However, you can take the taxi to Papeete airport, fly to Atuona, then take the travel to Marquesas Islands. Alternatively, you can take the taxi to Papeete airport, fly to Nuku Hiva, then take the travel to Marquesas Islands.

How far is Marquesas from Tahiti?

The capital of the Marquesas Islands administrative subdivision is the settlement of Taiohae on the island of Nuku Hiva. The sparsely populated Marquesas Islands are located 1,371 km (852 mi) from Tahiti.

Are the Marquesas worth visiting?

This isn't a fairytale, it's the Marquesas Islands. Nature's finest forces have gathered in this distant land, to create some of the most dramatic scenery in the world. And with islanders living so beautifully in sync with their land, the Marquesas are simply a must-visit, despite the effort involved.

Are there cannibals in French Polynesia?

Regardless of what exactly happened, a tradition of cannibalism does exist on the island of Nuku Hiva, part of the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia. While the island is in many ways picturesque, it feels a world away from the Polynesian touristic favorites of Tahiti and Bora Bora.

Does Tahiti have bugs?

Is there a bug problem in French Polynesia? A. As with any tropical destination, you may encounter some insects during your stay. To avoid any mosquito or fly bites, be sure to pack bug spray.

What are the Marquesas known for?

The legend of the Marquesas Islands tells the story of how God made a “big house” represented by the largest of them – Nuku Hiva – at the top of them all. Its own universe, the staggering volcanic peaks and amazing slopes blend with the blue of the Pacific Ocean.

What language do they speak in Marquesas?

Marquesan language

Can you fly to the Marquesas?

There are no international flights to the Marquesas Islands directly. Tahiti Island is the only gateway to these Pacific islands. From Tahiti Island, the two main islands of the archipelago (Nuku Hiva and Hiva Oa) are served daily.

Can you travel to the Marquesas?

How to Get to the Marquesas Islands. Getting to and around the Marquesas is a unique experience in itself. Air Tahiti provides non-stop service from Papeete to Nuku Hiva with a 3-hour 45-minute flight seven days a week and to Hiva Oa with a 3-hour 50-minute flight five days a week.

Is Tahiti safe for tourists?

Tahiti is a safe place for tourists. Generally speaking, there are only a couple of dangers to watch out for: pickpockets in Pape'ete and moray eels in the coral reefs on scuba dives. Most visitors soon discover that Tahiti is warm and welcoming to foreigners.

Are there mosquitoes in Tahiti?

ENVIRONMENT. The sun can get intense during the day, so remember to wear sunscreen and stay hydrated. There are no snakes or poisonous spiders in Tahiti, only mosquitoes and the small sand fly known as the no-no. Bring bug repellent and carry it with you when hiking through dense vegetation.

Can you drink water in Tahiti?

Drinking water: You can drink tap water in Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora and in all the international resorts. It is usually fine in family hotels and in the other islands but we recommend that you ask your hosts for confirmation.

What should you avoid in Tahiti?

You are at risk of developing a water-borne or food-borne disease in Tahiti. This includes parasites and infectious diseases, such as scabies and conjunctivitis. As a result, bottled water is recommended in rural areas, and you should avoid raw or uncooked foods, including salad greens.

Do they accept US dollars in Tahiti?

Cash and Travelers' Checks Euros and US Dollars are not widely accepted in the islands; therefore, local currency is best. We recommend exchanging your currency at the Los Angeles International Airport, or at a bank or ATM when you arrive in Tahiti.

What are the best months to visit Tahiti?

The best time to visit Tahiti is between May and October. Although the temperatures are balmy year-round, Tahiti's winter season enjoys less humidity.

Is Tahiti expensive to visit?

Tahiti & her islands are among the most expensive travel destinations in the world.

Is Bora Bora or Tahiti better?

Tahiti is a more urbanized island and even though its beaches aren't as famous as the ones in Bora Bora, it offers great shopping areas, nightlife, cultural events, and amazing outdoor activities. Bora Bora is the image that comes to mind when you think of paradise. It's a more intimate and high-end island.

Is Tahiti or Fiji better?

As vacation destinations go, you can't get much better than either. However if you're looking for spectacular scenery then Tahiti wins over Fiji. The dramatic mountain peaks on Tahiti and its gorgeous turquoise lagoons are breathtaking – even more so on neighboring islands like Bora Bora.

How many days do you need in Tahiti?

There are so many beautiful islands to see that we generally recommend a maximum of 7 nights on one island. Over the years, we have also found that spending more than 7 or 8 nights on any one island can also make some travelers feel restless.

Is Tahiti similar to Hawaii?

The French Polynesian island has gorgeous white sandy stretches of coastline and crystal clear warm water – much warmer than Hawaii. And whilst like Hawaii, Tahiti is also a surfing destination, Tahiti also has many calm lagoons which are perfect and safe for swimming.

How long is the flight from Fiji to Tahiti?

The total flight duration from Fiji to Tahiti is 4 hours, 47 minutes.

Is Bora Bora or Fiji better?

The main difference between Fiji and Bora Bora is that Fiji has more beaches because the archipelago is larger — but they are also more difficult to get to as they are spread out. The beaches of Bora Bora are of equal quality, but far less in number. They are easier to get to due to the small size of the island.

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