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How long would it take to get to bora bora

How far of a flight is Bora Bora?

The total flight duration from United States to Bora Bora is 10 hours, 50 minutes.

How long is a car ride to Bora Bora?

The distance between United States and Bora-Bora is 8206 km. How long does it take to get from United States to Bora-Bora? It takes approximately 14h 49m to get from United States to Bora-Bora, including transfers.

Can you get to Bora Bora by plane?

There are very few flights to Bora Bora and Tahiti each day. International flights from the United States depart from either Los Angeles (LAX) or San Francisco (SFO). To fly to Bora Bora, you must first fly to the main Island of Tahiti.

How long is a flight to Bora Bora from California?

Average direct flight time is 8 hours 19 minutes. The fastest direct flight from California to Bora Bora is 8 hours 19 minutes.

How much does a trip to Bora Bora cost?

There are limited flights to Bora Bora (only four per day), and they all originate in Tahiti. Hotels are few and fancy, ranging from $400–$2,000 per night for the lowest standard rates. The average cost for a week-long holiday in Bora Bora starts at around $11,000 for two.

What language is spoken in Bora Bora?

The main languages in Bora Bora are French and Tahitian, but you'll find that many people also speak English, especially resort employees.

Are US dollars accepted in Bora Bora?

You'll certainly want to have some cash on hand for small purchases and the occasional tip. Euros and US Dollars are not widely accepted in the islands; therefore, local currency is best.

What country owns Bora Bora?

French Polynesia

Can you swim in Bora Bora?

You can swim with sharks in Bora Bora, as well as many other islands including Moorea, Rangiroa, Fakarava and more. Swimming with whales is also possible during certain seasons (August-October). The Bora Bora lagoon is home to many coral gardens, shark species and tropical fish.

What does Bora Bora mean in English?

Project Description. Formerly called Vavau, this island has been named by the explorer James Cook Bora Bora meaning « First born ». The famous English navigator was referring to a legend which says that Ta'aroa, the creator of the universe, created this island immediately after Raiatea.

Is there snakes in Bora Bora?

There are no poisonous insects or snakes on Bora Bora. And while there are no native mammals on the island, it is home to many dogs, cats, sheep, and cows.

What is the crime in Bora Bora?

Crime. Bora Bora is one of the safest travel destinations globally, with one of the lowest crime rates. Though the crime on this beautiful island is almost negligible, there are still chances of thefts, like bag snatching and pickpocketing.

How much is a dollar worth in Bora Bora?

Bora Bora Island Guide's response As a rough guide $1USD is about 90XPF.

Can I drink tap water in Bora Bora?

You can drink tap water in Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora and in all the international resorts. It is usually fine in family hotels and in the other islands but we recommend that you ask your hosts for confirmation.

How old do you have to be to drink in Bora Bora?

18. Same as France (it's a French territory).

Is there a hospital in Bora Bora?

There is a medical center on Bora Bora. Medical care for major complications is not available on Bora Bora, but the hospital facilities in Papeete are excellent. In an emergency, medical evacuation services with the local airlines or military planes or helicopters will air-lift to the general hospital based in Papeete.

Where does waste go in Bora Bora?

Bora Bora is the only Polynesian municipality to have a wastewater treatment system – including in the “motu” (small islands) connected by undersea pipes.

How do private islands deal with sewage?

All islands have their own sewage treatment plants. The pipes are hung underneath the wooden walkways – both inbound and outbound.

Is Tahiti polluted?

The once beautiful lagoons have been contaminated with sewage and pesticides from soil erosion, caused in part by the careless construction along coastal areas. The most serious health problem is irradiation caused cancers: leukemia, thyroid infection, and brain tumors.

Where does the poop go in Maldives?

Where do the sewage go in such a small island? The short answer is that each resort has a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) that deals with the matter. It is a complex procedure that treats the sewage at different stages to segregate the contents for disposal.

Why is the water so blue in the Maldives?

As waves break on the sandy shore, or bare feet step into wet sand, a bright blue glow appears. This magical effect is caused by the bioluminescent plankton that often appears in warm coastal waters.

How do Maldives islands get electricity?

Diesel generators operate on each of the inhabited islands supplying electricity to it residents, but also polluting the local water table, and generating significant greenhouse gas emissions. The Maldives has significant renewable energy resources, in particular solar.

How do private islands get water?

Desalination of water on a private island is a fairly common method of water supply for industrial and drinking needs. This will require desalination plants. They can be purchased for $ 20,000 to $ 50,000. Reverse osmosis is the most common method of water desalination on private islands.

Do you pay taxes on a private island?

Yes. You will owe taxes to the municipality to which the island belongs.

Can you legally buy an island?

You don't have to be super rich to own a slice of paradise. Islands are on sale all over the world for less than $100,000, tempting those looking for a vacation retreat, or total change of pace. That's a fraction of the cost of owning a home in the world's big cities.

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