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Napili Plaza: The Heartbeat of West Maui

Nestled in the charming district of Napili, Maui, Napili Plaza stands as a vibrant hub of activity and community life. With its diverse array of businesses, this plaza is not just a shopping destination but a reflection of the unique spirit and lifestyle of West Maui. Situated at 5095 Napilihau Street, Lahaina, HI 96761, Napili Plaza is conveniently located between the Kapalua and Ka’anapali resorts, making it an accessible spot for both locals and tourists.

Napili Plaza: A Snapshot of Maui’s Vibrant Community Life

Napili Plaza serves as a microcosm of Maui’s rich culture and community spirit. From local clothing stores to specialized service providers, each business adds a unique flavor to the plaza’s character.

Blue Maui Clothing

Contact: 808-667-2600 Visit Website

Blue Maui Clothing epitomizes the relaxed and vibrant style of Maui. This boutique offers a range of clothing that captures the essence of island living, making it a must-visit for fashion-forward individuals looking to add a touch of Maui to their wardrobe.

Boss Frog’s

Contact: 808-661-3333 Visit Website

An adventurer’s paradise, Boss Frog’s provides equipment rentals and excursion bookings, helping visitors explore Maui’s natural beauty. From snorkeling gear to surfboards, they ensure your adventures in Maui are memorable.

Ho’olawa Maui

Contact: (808) 793-3299 Visit Website

Ho’olawa Maui offers a range of services that enhance your Maui experience, specializing in activities that embrace the island’s culture and natural beauty.

Island Sotheby’s

Contact: 808-665-1166 Visit Website

Island Sotheby’s is a real estate agency providing expertise in Maui’s property market. Whether you’re buying or selling, they offer unparalleled service and local knowledge【82†source】.

Island Time Tattoo

Contact: 808-868-0107 Visit Website

Island Time Tattoo offers artistic and professional tattoo services. Their skilled artists ensure every client leaves with a piece of art that reflects their personal story【83†source】.

Keep It Simple Hawaii Surf Shop

Contact: (808) 209-3535 Visit Website

This surf shop caters to all your surfing needs, from boards to apparel. Their knowledgeable staff help you find the perfect gear for hitting Maui’s famous waves【84†source】.

Lucky Cat Provisions

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Lucky Cat Provisions is a unique addition to Napili Plaza, offering a variety of local goods that showcase the creativity and craftsmanship of Maui’s artisans.

Madre Maui Pilates

Contact: 808-868-0123 Visit Website

Madre Maui Pilates is a haven for health and wellness enthusiasts. Their Pilates classes are tailored to improve strength, flexibility, and overall well-being.

Mail Services Plus

Contact: 808-669-0808 Visit Website

Mail Services Plus is the go-to place for all your postal and shipping needs. Their efficient services ensure your parcels and mail are handled with care and professionalism.

Maui Medical Group

Contact: (808) 661-0051 Visit Website

Maui Medical Group provides comprehensive medical services, ensuring the health and well-being of the Napili community. Their team of experienced professionals offers quality healthcare with a personal touch.

Napili Market

Contact: 808-669-1600 Visit Website

Napili Market is the heart of Napili Plaza, providing residents and visitors with a wide selection of groceries and everyday essentials. This market is known for its fresh produce and friendly service, making it a staple in the community.

Napili Nails

Contact: 808-669-9850 Visit Website

Napili Nails offers a range of nail services, from manicures to pedicures. Their skilled technicians ensure every client leaves feeling pampered and polished.

Old School Chiropractic

Contact: (808) 446-3644 Visit Website

Old School Chiropractic provides holistic chiropractic care, focusing on natural healing and wellness. Their personalized approach to chiropractic services has made them a trusted health provider in the community.

Quam Properties Hawaii

Contact: 808-665-1315 Visit Website

Quam Properties Hawaii offers property management and vacation rental services, ensuring visitors enjoy a comfortable and memorable stay in Maui.

Roxana’s Hair Affair

Contact: 808-669-7743 Visit Website

Roxana’s Hair Affair is a full-service hair salon offering a wide range of hair care and styling services. Their team of professional stylists ensures each client leaves looking and feeling their best.

Napili Plaza Restaurants: A Culinary Journey

Napili Plaza is home to a variety of restaurants, each offering a unique culinary experience. From local Hawaiian dishes to international cuisine to some of the best Maui tacos, the plaza’s dining options cater to all palates, making it a food lover’s paradise.

Napili Plaza Grocery Store: Convenience at Your Fingertips**

Napili Plaza also features a well-stocked grocery store, providing locals and visitors with easy access to fresh produce, daily essentials, and a variety of goods. The grocery store is a testament to the plaza’s commitment to convenience and quality.

Napili: A Gem on Maui’s West Side

Napili is a district of Lahaina, Maui, known for its beautiful coastline and rolling hills. Located on the west side of Maui, it’s a satellite town of Lahaina and is among the driest regions on the island. This unique geography, characterized by black volcanic rock and scenic landscapes, makes Napili a distinct and attractive location for residents and visitors alike.

Napili Plaza – A Reflection of Maui’s Community Spirit

Napili Plaza, with its diverse range of businesses and services, embodies the essence of Maui’s community spirit. Whether you’re shopping for the latest fashion, seeking adventure gear, or indulging in culinary delights, Napili Plaza offers a slice of Maui life that’s both vibrant and fulfilling. As a central hub in one of Maui’s most picturesque districts, the plaza remains a testament to the island’s charm and hospitality.

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