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What to do in napili maui

Is Napili beach good for swimming?

Napili Bay's Beach is perfect for swimming, sun tanning, and snorkeling. The outer reefs protect it from most swell directions, so you get gently lapping ripples and clear water. When large surf does happen to hit it head-on, there's a little wave good for soft-tops and boogie boards.

Are there turtles in Napili Bay?

If you love turtles and you are still a beginner in snorkeling, then Napili Bay is the place for you. The water is so clear and the bay is mostly protected from the northerly winds. You can usually see turtles swimming on the left side of the beach where the lava rock formation is located.

Is Napili Bay crowded?

A less crowded, low-key resort beach with a much more family feel than many in West Maui. In a nutshell: A less crowded, low-key resort beach with a much more family feel than many in West Maui.

Is Napili Bay a public beach?

Directions: There are two public beach accesses. The one at the south end of the bay is at Napili Place. The second access near the middle of the bay is at Hui Drive. Both have limited roadside parking.

Is Napili Bay Nice?

Napili is a great family beach with a broad and sandy shoreline, calm waters, and rolling waves. It's perfect for swimming, kayaking, boogie boarding, stand-up paddleboarding, snorkeling, and lounging on the soft sand.

Is Napili Bay windy?

The climate in Napili-Honokowai is warm, muggy, windy, and mostly clear. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 65°F to 87°F and is rarely below 60°F or above 89°F.

Is Napili beach open to public?

Directions and Parking Situation: You can access the beach from three different points along Lower Honoapi'ilani Road. One is to park on Napili Place along the side of the road, and there is also parking on Hui Drive which dead ends by the beach.

Is Napili Bay good for snorkeling?

One of the most prized West Maui beaches is the world famous Napili Bay. If you're looking for a great snorkeling experience then definitely head here. If you drive to Napili Bay, there is a carpark off the highway, but you'll want to get there early for a spot.

Can you take coffee to Hawaii?

You can bring an unlimited amount of roasted coffee beans through any US port of entry, but you do need to declare them. You can bring green coffee beans through any continental US port of entry (any of the contiguous states). But you can't bring them into Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

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